Assessing Reading Skill Development


This section of the RRI website provides the form for submitting the assessment data you gathered about your virtual student's reading skills. Complete each section of the form before submitting it. Because internet connections sometimes "come and go," it is strongly recommended that you compose your answers in a word processor. That way you will have a copy of your responses in case your internet connection fails whilerm you are in the process of completing your assessment. You can then cut and paste your information into the form.

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Required Information

Student Background Information

Type a summary of the relevant information about the student that may influence the development of reading skills. Include information from the student's history and completed inventories.

Oral Reading Assessment

Select the cueing system the student used most often.

If you selected "other" as a cueing system, please explain what you mean in the space below.

Select the type of errors most frequently made by the student.

If you selected "other" as an error type, please explain what you mean in the space below.

Provide two examples of the student's use of the cue you indicated above as the main type of cue he/she used when confronted with an unfamiliar word.

Provide two examples of the type of error you indicated above as the main type of error he/she made.


In the space below, describe two learning experiences you would prescribe to enhance the student's reading skills. Describe the experience in sufficient detail to allow others to replicate it. Indicate why, when and how often you would use each learning experience.


Compose a final summary of your assessment of the student. The statement should state the strengths and special needs of the student and your recommendations for future instruction to ensure the studen't ultimate success as a reader.

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